Our family has been farming in Tippecanoe County for five generations. In 1993, we converted 30 acres of farm land from traditional row crops to Kentucky Bluegrass sod. Today, we have more than 110 acres of turfgrass in production.

Over the years, we have built a reputation with local landscapers and homeowners for our consistent, high quality sod and professional delivery service. Our sod has been installed throughout Indiana on athletic fields, golf courses, commercial buildings and residential lawns.

In order to produce a consistent, high quality cut we harvest our sod using a Treboro Autostack  or a Magnum 42" big roll cutter. The speed and precision of the Autostack allows us to react quickly to customer needs and to fill last minute orders, when needed. The Magnum 42" harvester cuts sod in big rolls for easier installation and lower labor costs.

During dry periods, we supply water to our production fields using a versatile hose reel irrigation system, Ag Rain ST6. Proper irrigation decreases weed invasion and allows grass to better tolerate insect and disease pressure.


·         Turfgrass Producers International

·         Builders Association of Greater Lafayette

·         Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce